The Van People

I moved into a car.

Yes a car. Not just any old car, but a car with a bed in the back and my clothes in boxes, stashed under it. I find myself crazy for saying it out loud but it feels so liberating.

New Zealand turned out to be a bit over my backpacking budget. I’ve been working my ass off but I hand it all back in for rent. Daan and I were getting a little stressed out. Until we met….. the Van People.

Backpackers who turned their vans into homes. Some of them decked out, some of them just have a mattress thrown in the back and a few curtains. But it works. There’s showers on every beach, free campsites all around and bbq’s next to the dunes. It’s freaking perfect. Envious of our newly discovered subculture, we infiltrated their circle, bombarding them with questions about all the how’s and where’s. Which they were happy to share with us newcomers. And a few days ago..We finally became a part of the Van People.

Excited and feeling very mature/free/hippie-like we had our first night sleep in our car last night. I had finished work so late and we both needed to be in a certain area again in the early morning. We decided to sleep in a carpark near a public toilet block. Our car doesn’t look like the typical backpacker car and you can’t see in. This is good because we didn’t want to get caught here. So we had to sneak around a little instead of making ourselves comfortable before going to sleep.

It’s comfortable all right. But sleep could have been better. Daan kept having nightmares about the car rolling into the road while we were sleeping. So every little while he’d sit up in utter shock looking out the rear window to check if it all was ok. Not really awake, not really asleep but very freaked out all right.

Turns out this is the mark of being part of the Van People. One other girl kept dreaming her car got taken by the sea during a tsunami when she would park next to the beach. The price to pay for a free life;)